Me Among the Stars: A Mosaic of Broken Faith and Unexpected Hope

A memoir by Heidi Treibel

What happens when faith and unfathomable loss collide? How does a spirit that is crushed expand with hope again? How does the betrayed soul begin to trust again? If your life has been upended by spiritual trauma, you may be agonizing over similar questions. Contemporary Christian culture can inflict unintentional injuries on the spiritually wounded: more Bible study, more church, more catchy worship songs. To the bereft, these “remedies” trigger an even greater chasm from God. So how can you find light in your soul’s dark night?

Heidi Treibel has wrestled (and is still wrestling) with these and other not-so-churchy questions. When Heidi’s worst nightmare came true, despite God’s assurance to the contrary, every atom of her being was torn from her spiritual foundation. And yet, unexpectedly, hope bloomed in the quietest places. Beyond pat answers and cliches, Heidi found (and is still finding) that love is present when all remedies fail. This love is as ever-present as the stars. Journey with Heidi, even as you rail against your suffering, in finding out just how loved you are.