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He Never Said a Word

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He never said a word, yet his voice rings loud and clear.

He’d like to tell you something, if you would like to hear.


There’s a miracle just waiting inside a life that’s newly made,

A glimpse of Eden’s innocence, of beauty’s every shade.


Elliot’s brightness lingers, though his earthly life is done.

Don’t we know light still exists after the setting of the sun? 


So think of Elliot, Avery, or your own child gone before us.

They’d like to let us listen to the swell of Heaven’s chorus.


For, you see, they have not journeyed to a place with no return.

Rather, they are tethers toward the land for which we yearn.


Doesn’t it feel like this world is wrong? Like too much sorrow exists?

It’s because it is a pale, gray shadow of the Eden we have missed.


He never said a word, but I hear my boy every day.

“Mom,” he says in sweetness, “one day you’ll be okay.”


“Until then, Mommy, you be light for those lost in dark places,

Shine like I did, and still do, for sad and weary faces.”


The brokenness of this world took Elliot much too soon,

Yet a newborn baby’s purity sings its own precious tune.


He’d like to tell you something, if you want to shine like stars:

“Live brightly, just live brightly! Shatter darkness where you are.”


We’re not home yet; you can tell each time you see the news.

Today may be your last. How much brightness can you choose?


Jesus said, “I am the Light,” and perhaps I’m understanding.

My boy was part of God’s light, and still is in Heaven’s landing.


He never said a word. I never heard him cry.

Still Jesus uses his voice to help me get up and try.


He’d like to tell you something, so listen to the sound:

“Today’s the day to shine. Be Heaven ‘til Heaven comes down.”


Such a miracle he is. He never even said a word!

Yet what a changed person I am because of my little bird.

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