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Why Spring Makes Me Dizzy

I’ve heard grief described as: “being stuck in a moment in time.” I think that’s a somewhat accurate picture, if a bit simplistic. I would add that it's more like your heart is ripped from your chest and scattered over many, many past moments in time, staked there whether you like it or not, and… Continue reading Why Spring Makes Me Dizzy

Infant loss, love in loss

9 Things the Death of My Child Has Taught Me

  My sweet boy’s nine-month birthday is approaching at the end of this month. The ache of wishing he was in my arms just doesn’t wane with time. Time hasn’t given me some grand answer as to “why” this happened. Time doesn’t cause me to accept this reality more readily. Time has not healed this… Continue reading 9 Things the Death of My Child Has Taught Me

faith, Infant loss, love in loss

Poor in Spirit

A long time ago, a guy who loved Jesus named St. John of the Cross wrote a poem called “The Dark Night of the Soul.” I don’t know much about St. John, and I’m not crazy about the poem, but several months ago, my counselor sent me an email article with this quote:   “The… Continue reading Poor in Spirit

grief, Infant loss

Sharing Stories, Sharing Burdens

Recently I spent the day among a group of people I hadn’t seen since I was pregnant with Elliot. They are acquaintances, not close friends, but kind and friendly people who are aware of my hospitalization, and Elliot’s birth and death. I mustered the courage to spend the day among them, and knew I would… Continue reading Sharing Stories, Sharing Burdens